Pain Is Optional

Evolutionary Approach, Revolutionary Results!

Posture Police helps achieve functional balance and improve how our neck, back, hips and shoulders feel and move.

In our 21st century life we spend a lot of our time sitting, leaving our body craving movement. Does your neck, back, hip or shoulder occasionally hurt or chronic pain? This class was designed to strategically fix neck, back, hip or shoulder pain. Posture Police bridges yoga inspired corrective exercises with a Physical Therapy philosophy. You will leave this class with a pain free body and functional mobility.

Posture Police consists of predominantly standing stretchercises complemented by a Corrective Cane, chair and a yoga mat at times. This class is perfect for those who suffer from neck, back, hip or shoulder issues or for those desiring body awareness and functional balance.

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Public classes available at Coral Springs Gymnasium, Eagles’ Haven, and Retro Fitness Tamarac

Coral Springs Gymnasium – Tuesday 6:30pm

Eagles’ Haven – Thursday 4:15pm – Therapeutic Fitness, Friday 10:30am – Simple Stretch Yoga and Sunday – 12pm – On The Mat